Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Deliver

Our 2009 Into The Wind Kite Catalog is becoming ink on paper as I'm typing these words. In-home dates, when you can expect to see it in your mailbox, are February 15th-18th. This year's 64-page catalog includes a number of new products from manufacturers around the globe as well as 15 Into The Wind Kites making their worldwide debut. The only downside...our catalogs will be in your hands before we'll have many of the new kites in ours. Pre-orders will be accepted on everything and we'll get them out to you as soon as they arrive. One of the bonuses of putting the catalog together this year was to actually count how many items we have online that aren't in the catalog. My preliminary count was 582 SKU's. (For those of you without a retail background, SKU's are Stock Keeping Units and include color variations of an item.) This number is always in flux since we're continually adding and discontinuing product, especially this time of year. But, anyway you slice it, that's a big number. We'd have to print a catalog twice as large to include everything. And "parts" of it (the endcaps, the spars, the ferrules) wouldn't be pretty. Which reminds me, we still stock plenty of parts and kitemaking materials but you'll need to look online to find them. Or, just give us a call. Operators are standing by.


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