Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Parallel Life

That's what I'm always reminded of when I think of Jim Christianson. He started as an intern at Go Fly A Kite around the time I started working for Into The Wind. He devoted many years of service to GFAK, becoming General Manager when the founder, Andrea Skwarek, sold the company to Jakks Pacific in 2002. When Jakks reorganized last year, phasing out the separate GFAK division in Connecticut, Jim took the opportunity to launch his own company. Sky Dogs became a reality in 2009. Although Sky Dogs is the new kid (or should I say, pooch) on the block, the company is comprised of familiar faces. Dodd Gross, another long-time kite flyer and designer joined Jim along with a few former GFAK coworkers. Since they're just getting started, we didn't have a chance to test fly any of their new designs in time for the 2009 catalog. But we hope to add their products as they become available. In the meantime, we're going to clear out some of our parts for, oldie but goodie, GFAK products. Here's how it works. The parts are free! You only pay for the shipping. If you request just one or two of the parts we have, we'll charge you the $6 minimum shipping. If you get carried away and order the whole lot we'll charge you $14 for shipping. Here's what we have:

6 New Unopened Get'n School'd VHS Traction Flight Training Videos featuring Paul Menta
3 Stealth Stunter Nocks
1 Boomer Stunt Kite assorted parts package (lineset on handles, bridle?, 5 spars, fittings)
1 Mini Edge Stunt Kite assorted parts package (line on handles, 5 spars, standoffs, fittings, bridle?)
1 Bandit Stunt Kite assorted parts package (4 spars, lots of fittings)
1 Unknown GFAK Stunt Kite assorted parts package (4 spars, standoffs, bridle, fittings)
1 T-Rex 4 1/2-ft. Delta frame, flying line and 2 tails
2 Blue 59" Ripstop Nylon Kite Cases printed with "Joel Scholz Signature Series for GFAK"
2 Cardinal Windwheel wings only
1 Damsel Fish Windwheel body only
1 Sea Lion Windwheel body, with most if not all hardware including ground stake, but only some spinning ball panels
1 Flamingo Windwheel body with 5 of 6 tail fins, and partial hardware
21 Cat Windwheel Canary bird wings
3 Reef Fish Spinning Wings
3 Flower Windwheels each with 3 rainbow wheels and 3 stake petals/fins but no hardware
1 Lighthouse Windwheel body with 6 Yellow Fins but no hardware and no vane
6 Assorted Windwheel Fins: 1 each Pink, Blue, Yellow, Lime, Orange, Teal
12 Assorted Windwheel Fins with Streamers: each Pink, Purple, Grape, Blue and 2 each Turquoise, Yellow, Lime and Green
8 Biplane Windwheel Props: 2 Purple, 2 Blue and 4 Green
6 Piglet Windwheel Flower Petals, Assorted Colors
4 Dragonfly Whirler Wings

The fine print: If you purchase multiple items, shipping will be adjusted to a reasonable amount.

We also have some Go Fly A Kite kites and wind products that are in various stages of disrepair, some samples that we've never carried, some kites that don't fly to our standards (think: room decoration or fix it up project) that we'll sell "as is" for the prices indicated to move them out of here. The prices below include shipping:

3 24" Diamonds (1 each Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob & Spider Man), photo samples $10
3 Mini Super Flyers (1 each Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob & Spider Man), new samples $10
1 Tie Dye Pinwheel Complete, new sample $10
1 Marilyn Mermaid Windform (3-D Windsock) used for display $10
1 Fred Flounder Windform (3-D Windsock) used for display $10
1 Golfer Guy Windform (3-D Windsock) used for display $10
Buy all 3 Windforms for $25 (includes shipping)
2 strings of 10 Fish Lanterns (14" fabric fish with a string of 10 blinking lights that fit inside each fish) $12 each string. Buy both strings for $20 (including shipping).
1 Winnie the Pooh Windwheel Complete $8
2 Neon Flower Twists, 1 used for display, 1 used for photo $10 for both
1 Classic Deluxe Twisterwheel, new sample $10
1 Valentine's Breeze Thru Flag, used for display $8
1 Panda Bear Shaped Flat Kite, sample $10
1 Teddy Bear Shaped Flat Kite, sample $10
Buy all 4 Shaped Flat Kite samples for $30
1 Pikachu Critter Kite, sample $10
20 pairs Handles (1 pink/1 blue) with sleeved Spectra or Dyneema (50-lb.? 80-lb?) $14
1 pair Mini Edge Line on Handles (1 pink/1 blue) with about 100-ft 50-lb. Dacron line $6
2 Go Fly A Kite light up display signs, new in box , 24" x 12" $14 for both
1 Powerfoil 4.0 (2003) Dual line foil, flown often by our staff back in the day, $14

Products are represented as accurately as possible but let us know if you don't receive what you were expecting. We'll keep these items around for the next couple of weeks but then they'll head to kite heaven. Please call us or send an email to order these products (they can't be ordered on the website).

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