Tuesday, April 28, 2009

News Flash: ITW Displays Kites at Local Market

Into The Wind and Sunflower Farmer's Market, a local grocery store, are helping each other out. For the spring and through the summer Into The Wind kites will be displayed at the Sunflower Market on Arapahoe and 25th Street. Among some of the kites displayed are the beautiful designs of George Peters, our local Boulder kite artist.

As you walk into the east doors of the Sunflower Farmer's Market to peruse the produce, gaze upon the Sky Bird soaring over the apples. See the Dragonfly inspecting the purchases over aisle 6. Kites are not only fun to fly but make funky decorations. Many of our employees can agree with that.

Having our kites on display not only makes the market look great but it's also a reminder of kiting as an activity for everyone! Into The Wind has displayed kites at other local businesses before. We feel it's a great way to help other local companies.

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