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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Locals Show Your Love!

Boulder Weekly has unleashed their annual survey Best of Boulder, and Into the Wind is up for Best Toy Store! Our internet customers may know us as Best Online Kite Store, but you, our beloved Boulderites know us as the best place to take your kids, visiting relatives, or dates on the Pearl Street mall. You may have gazed with wonder at our colorful kite filled ceiling, giggled at our many novelties, or stopped by for your third set of the incredibly addictive Bucky Balls. Perhaps you've dropped in for some yo-yo trick advice or to put on a puppet show for/with our friendly staff. Whatever your reasons are, we are always giving you more! Having just returned from a massive Toy Fair in New York, we have added lots of new puzzles, games, and toys to our store for you to enjoy. If you haven't been in before, now is the right time! With spring just around the corner, a Pearl Street stroll is a great way to spend a few hours, and you can visit us on the 1400 block (the first block of the walking mall if you're heading toward the mountains).
So please keep us in mind as you're filling out your Boulder Weekly Best of Boulder survey, we're in the Best Places to Spend Your Money category toward the end, past the Best Places to Dance, Worship, Eat Inside, Eat Outside, or Observe a Frozen Dead Guy. Remember this survey is exclusive to Boulder residents, but we'd love to hear from all of you, just post a review on our site! Thank you Boulder shoppers, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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