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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

News Flash: ITW Displays Kites at Local Market

Into The Wind and Sunflower Farmer's Market, a local grocery store, are helping each other out. For the spring and through the summer Into The Wind kites will be displayed at the Sunflower Market on Arapahoe and 25th Street. Among some of the kites displayed are the beautiful designs of George Peters, our local Boulder kite artist.

As you walk into the east doors of the Sunflower Farmer's Market to peruse the produce, gaze upon the Sky Bird soaring over the apples. See the Dragonfly inspecting the purchases over aisle 6. Kites are not only fun to fly but make funky decorations. Many of our employees can agree with that.

Having our kites on display not only makes the market look great but it's also a reminder of kiting as an activity for everyone! Into The Wind has displayed kites at other local businesses before. We feel it's a great way to help other local companies.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

In case you were wondering...

Since we've started our spring cleaning project we have come across quite a few interesting items. Nothing scary, but then again we aren't quite through yet.
Probably the best find so far are some kite cases we had made from one of our first shipments from China. Three of the five sizes are made of a heavy pack cloth, and also have a fold over flap that snaps shut. One is a dragon case, which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. The fourth and fifth cases are lightweight ripstop nylon with a fold over flap, perfect for small kites. Now we have a case for nearly every conceivable kite size and priced to fit your budget as well!
Check out our cases and do a little spring cleaning of your own by organizing your kites.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Flying Times eNewsletter

This week's accomplishment was sending out an eNewsletter. After a seven month hiatus, this was quite a feat. My goal is to send out one a month for the remainder of the year. But considering that doing one EVERY month in 2009 was my ITW New Year's'll be interesting to see if this actually happens. Seems like there's always those fires that flare up that require immediate attention.

If you're not currently an eNews subscriber, sign up for the eNews here to get future issues. You can also see past newsletters, including the one from earlier this week at this link. Just remember that these are archived eNewsletters that may include discontinued products, sales that have ended and items that are no longer in stock. We still have plenty of Go Fly A Kite products on super sale too that were listed in the blog a few weeks ago! It has been updated to reflect items that have been sold. Any item still listed is still available. Or at least it was a few minutes ago...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kite Festival Photos

Rakesh sent us a few photos taken at the Santa Barbara Kite Festival last weekend. Wind... sun... kites.... Rakesh... Does it get any better?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Santa Barbara Kite Festival

Rakesh Bahadur called today to remind me of his annual kite festival to be held this coming Sunday, April 5th in Santa Barbara. Rakesh and his family have been involved with kiting for years as kite store owners, then kite distributors and of course, kite flyers and promoters. This is the 24th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival. Rakesh will be the featured flyer for the kid's Kite Tail Chase, the most popular event at the festival. If you're in the area stop by to fly a kite or chase a kite tail.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How low can we go?

As part of our Spring Cleaning event here at ITW, we're trying to move out assorted Go Fly A Kite products. We've added even more items to the list posted on the blog a few days ago and lowered the prices on everything. Check out the killer deals and get your limbo rock on.