Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bring it back home.

We love all the great kite reviews that are posted to our website, including many that reference ITW products. But the one that we received this week is bittersweet. We're delighted that our customer purchased a Kids Delta and had a splendid time flying it for two hours! But if a delta is looping and diving or if its flight in any way resembles "a space ride" then it's being flown in too much wind. Deltas fly best in light winds, part of the reason that they're so popular. Deltas that have larger wing spans with more sail area (think: more lift) fly in the least amount of wind. Our Sweet 16 Delta will fly in 3 mph of wind, the Kid's Delta in 5 mph. The Beaufort Scale makes it easy to figure out what the winds are like by common indicators. In 4-7 mph of wind, a Light Breeze is characterized by "Wind felt on face. Leaves rustle. Weather vanes move." Fortunately, most deltas can also fly in more wind. The upper wind range for the Kid's Delta is 20 mph. If "Small trees in leaf sway slightly" or if "Wavelets form on ponds and lakes" it's time to take the delta down and switch it for a box kite or soft parafoil. With its two 10-ft. nylon tails the Kid's Delta will do its best to fly in winds over 20 mph (and many times it will even survive ;-) so you'll have a happy ending to your kite story too.

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